RLY Joins Forces With TRASH

Transitioning Our Community to a New Platform

Dear RLY Community,

We’ve made the tough decision to sunset the RLY app in early 2019. However, we’ve been hard at work to ensure you continue to have a home for your creativity (and all of your Loops).

We’re joining forces with a new app called TRASH. TRASH is building a platform for “videos that edit themselves”. Similar to us, they make it easy to turn your clips into rad looking videos, and the best part is the RLY community is getting exclusive early access!

Starting today, you can reserve your TRASH username directly from the RLY app.

When TRASH is ready in early 2019, you’ll get a notification to download. Your username will be saved, and all your Loops will automatically be transitioned to your TRASH profile.

We’re big fans of the team. Like us, they’re also based in New York and run by a woman CEO. We’re excited to introduce you to @Han and her team. The TRASH team had a hand in running video platform Vine and creator community Drip (acquired by Kickstarter), as well as building video sharing apps UltraVisual and music recommendation service Last.fm — our kind of people!

We rly <3 you

Since launching RLY this spring, we’ve been touched by the outpouring of support we’ve received from you all. When we set out to build RLY, we knew that young social media users wanted something new. We were fed up with the rampant spam, fake news, and the proliferation of unhealthy body images on social platforms. We wanted to create a community for people who were totally over being picture-perfect online. And together we made some magic happen.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us every step of the way. As product people, it was thrilling to be able to design our ecosystem with the input of 1000s of other young social media users. And we’re really proud of what we built together.

We’re sad to say goodbye 😭but really excited to see you all on the TRASH app soon 🙈🙌

- Team RLY